Eton Shirts

Eton Shirts


Eton shirts have been shirt makers since 1928. The head office and original factory is still in Gånghester outside Borås. Shaped by the Swedish handicrafts, they are currently represented in 49 markets in some of the world’s most exclusive boutiques.

In 2015 Eton Shirts built a new warehouse in Gånghester. In the approximately three hundred square meters which is now added, Eton Shirts wanted to create an inspiring and well thought-out workplace.

The challenge with the space JoyOfPlenty focused on, was to build the concept based on existing conditions in walls, ceilings and floors. This meant adding minimal resources on fixtures and “hard” materials and instead focus on creating an environment that feels deliberately crude, while still inviting. Everything originating in Eton Shirts brand and business.

  • 2015
  • 300 m2
  • 24 workplaces
  • 4 conference rooms
  • 2 W.C

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