Onyx is one of the most reputed fitness facilities in western Sweden. It offers a range of individual training, good nutrition and physical activities combined.

At Onyx thousands of willing members work out for a healthier life.

JoyOfPlenty was asked to design, build and decorate Onyx premium facility at Knalleporten in Borås. The work was carried out from start to finish in just two months. Despite the short time a careful analysis of the brand’s core values were made, ​​which transformed all areas of the environment to a spatial experience. “Lev Livet (Live Your Life)” is a call that colors the whole atmosphere in form and functionality. One of the goals was to remove the gym feeling and instead create a modern attitude that is reminiscent of a boutique hotel on the continent. There is a lounge area with restaurant, fitness halls, spinning room, yoga room, meeting room, offices and a fitness shop. Some parts of the gym has a haptic design and is suitable for the disabled. Lighting design is completed with the greatest possible precision. Among other things, changing rooms and shower areas are illuminated in a discreet manner. An important wish expressed when members were interviewed before the project started. Today, Onyx offer one of the finest work out environments in Sweden.


  • 2011
  • ???? m2
  • Lounge
  • Restaurant
  • ??? work out rooms
  • Spinning room
  • Yoga room
  • Meeting room
  • Office
  • Fitness shop

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