JoyOfPlenty help companies to translate their brands into spatial experiences.



When we founded JoyOfPlenty in 2008 it was obvious to us that most people underestimat the importance of their company’s physical environment. Interior design is so much more than just furniture. Our belief is that the environment should drive business forward. But for that to be possible the process of designing it must start with understanding the people in the environment. 

Today we specialize in creating environments where feelings can be expressed and memories are created. When colours, shapes, textures, music and scents come together in a beautiful symbiosis, everyone can live and breathe the ingredients of your brand. 



W are convinced tha you after moving in to your new environment will notice how guests and clients will prolong their stays, and that your coworkers are more motivated, inspired and quite simply feel better!

You see – we know that when all our senses are stimulated, the emotional connection to the company behind the brand and the relationship with both coworkers and clients is strengthened. This is how both businesses and people grow!

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